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My name is Nickole Pimlott and this is Shine Through The Shadows.I'm 36 years old and 2 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 teratocarcinosarcoma, a very rare (less then 100 known cases) and very aggressive tumor in my right maxillary sinuse. For months my face broke from the inside, the pain so so intense I was eating advil like candy. It took forever for the doctors to figure out what was happening and when i started treatment they only gave me weeks to live even with treatment. I am a little stubborn so I was like nope im not going anywhere. I wanted to see my then 2 year old grow up and I wanted to be there to raise him. I knew this journey was all apart of my soul growth and something I needed to experience in this life time. I knew there was a reason and I believe that reason was for me to share my experiences with the world and to inspire others to keep fighting and rise up in their own time of darkness, to shine through our shadows. That is why I created this podcast and business. On the show I share personal things about my life and traumas and interview some amazing people who share their experiences and knowledge.I also offer intuitvie life guidance and energy healing.
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